How to Plan a Free Trip to Disney World: Free Tickets

How we took our family to Disney for free. A guide to getting free Disney tickets.

We’re planning a trip to Disney World! Taking your family to Disney doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. My goal is to take our family on a “free” Disney trip by redeeming points, using credit card miles, finding deals and promotions to pay as little money out of pocket as possible.

First I showed you how we’re redeeming hotel points to pay for our rooms. Next up is the tickets!

To get our theme park tickets without spending any out-of-pocket money, I used a combination of multiple Capital One Venture Cards and two Disney services for discounted tickets.

Walt Disney World Tickets

I was in shock when I saw how much tickets to Disney World cost! A four day ticket is over $300 per person. For a family of five, that’s $1,500. Luckily there are ways to save on theme park tickets. To pay for our tickets I used the 40,000 mile bonus offer from the Capital One Venture card.

How to Get Your Free Disney World Tickets

You can redeem your miles for travel credits; 40,000 miles is worth $400 in travel credits. Purchase your tickets on your Capital One Venture card.

After you purchase your tickets, you can select “Redeem Travel Purchases” to apply your travel credits to your ticket purchase. We purchased our tickets from Undercover Tourist (more on ticket purchases below), which was coded as a travel purchase by Capital One.

More on Ticket Purchases

Mouse Saver Newsletter. To purchase the cheapest tickets possible, I subscribed to the Mouse Savers newsletter. In the newsletter, which comes once a month on the 15th, there’s a link to purchase discounted tickets from Undercover Tourist.

Undercover Tourist. I ordered some of the tickets by mail, and others by email. All arrived and were loaded to our account without any problems. This was the cheapest place I found tickets that I knew would be coded as a travel purchase by Capital One.

Additional Miles. Depending on the tickets you want, you can spend additional on the card to earn 2 miles per dollar to redeem against the tickets. We charged slightly more on one card to buy the 4 day tickets (which came with a 5th day free).

Double up Spouses. We each applied for this card separately and ended up with over $1,000 in free tickets to Disney World!

More on Our Disney Trip

Stay tuned for more on our Disney trip including how we got free hotels, free flights, and saved on everything else! How many opportunities can we find to avoid spending thousands of dollars for this trip?

How did you save money on Disney World tickets?

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3 thoughts on “How to Plan a Free Trip to Disney World: Free Tickets

  1. Lance

    I am looking at trying to redeem against Bankamericard Travel Rewards points like you did for capital one. How can I find out if Bank of America codes Undercover Tourist as travel? I can’t seem to find this information anywhere.

    1. Madison Post author

      Hi Lance,

      I did some digging and I found this Visa Merchant code directory. I located Undercover Tourist and the code is TRAVEL SERVICES – 4722.

      When I logged into my Bankamericard Travel Rewards account and reviewed the program rules, I found a list of acceptable merchant codes.

      Included in the list is: Travel Agencies and Tour Operators (MCC 4722).

      Based on that, I’d be comfortable with trying the redemption, but you might want to login and make sure your program rules are the same as my card.

      Let me know if it works!

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