11 Free Travel Apps to Save Money

Travel can be pricey, but if you’re willing to look for the good deals, the savings can add up to an affordable vacation. Lucky for us, Travel Apps make it that much easier to not break the bank during travel. Here’s a list of my favorite totally free travel apps for android and why should download them before your next trip.

Save money on travel by downloading free apps.

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Free Travel Apps

  1. GasBuddy. Ideal for road trips, this app lists all the gas stations near you, the current price per gallon, and directs you how to get there. With gas prices soaring, you can’t afford not to give this app a try.
  2. Hotels.com. Whether it’s a last minute deal or something planned in advance, the hotels.com app is a great choice. It finds the cheapest hotel rates near you and helps keep track of your reservations.
  3. Happy Hour. Looking for a great happy hour special? Regardless of the time of day, the app lists all restaurants and bars near you that are offering deals right now. Grab drink specials, half off appetizers, and other great dining bargains.
  4. TripAdvisor. The TripAdvisor app helps you find hotels, restaurants, and things to do near you and helpful reviews from fellow travelers so you’re not wasting your money on something that leaves something to be desired.
  5. Beat the Traffic. Whether traveling across the country or simply to work every morning, this traffic fighting app is a must. The app highlights the area around you either in green, yellow, or red depending on the current traffic volume. It alerts you to accidents, construction, and even predicts how the traffic will be in the future. Avoiding the delays will save money on gas and not waste your precious time.
  6. Kayak. This handy app compares all of the great deals from other sites so you don’t have to search them all individually. Find the low price on flights, hotels, car rentals and also manage your trip.
  7. Groupon. Choose any city you’re planning on traveling to to view fantastic deals. Grab bargains on restaurants, bars, spas, entertainment, attractions, and more. The company also teamed up with Expedia to offer great Groupon getaway offers such as hotel stays and fabulous resort packages.
  8. Coupons. The Coupons App finds coupons for everything around you. When you’re on the road, you’ll be able to find coupons for places to grab a bite or a huge variety of stores to shop in.
  9. Mint.com. It’s easy to lose track of your budget when you’re on vacation. The Mint.com app allows you to be organized and keep track of all of your finances, budget accordingly, and manage your money so you don’t come home from your trip broke.
  10. Currency Converter. Anytime you’re traveling abroad, this currency calculator app is a must. The app ensures you know exactly how your money converts so you’re paying the correct amount and not being taken advantage of.
  11. MapQuest. Saying the MapQuest app gives you great directions is an understatement. Whether you’re walking or driving, you can pick if you’d like the fastest or shortest route. Choose if you’d like to avoid highways, toll roads, seasonal closures, and unpaved roads. Besides the distance and time in between each direction, you’ll also get specific instructions on how to know if you’ve went too far It also shows highlights areas of interest like hospitals, coffee shops, movie theatres, schools, parking, hotels, gas stations, and restaurants.

Happy travels!

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  1. Katie

    I need to get into the 21st century and get a phone/device with apps. They are pricey and I am saving for other things right now. Thanks for the tips!

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